Mental Monday: Therapy

Welcome back to Mental Monday and today we’re going to talk about therapy. Yes, I know that’s a word that no one likes to use. So, if it makes you feel better, we could use the word counseling. Sounds good, cool let’s begin.

Quick story: At the end of 2018 after I buried my Goddaughter. It was hard for me to focus at work let alone my own life. A friend at my job told me to seek counseling, that way I can get the proper help that I need. At first, I was against it, but after going to a few free sessions I felt the effects it had on me. However, my therapist caught on to my mental state and included that into my sessions as well. Now, she helps me deal with the death of a child as well as helping me get through the month.

After going for more than a year now. I defiantly agree now more than ever that seeking ‘counseling’ is a great way to treat your mental health. As well as learn more and improve things about yourself. Here are some frequently asked questions that I have heard in person, on the web, or from myself.

“But why should I seek therapy?”

I’m sorry, I did say we’re going to use the word counseling and we will. You should seek ‘counseling’ because these people are specially trained to handle any situation that comes their way. Whether it’s dealing with loss, trauma, or mentality, they’re prepared to help you in any way they can.

Would people think I finally snapped if I go?

The biggest stigma about seeking counseling is that people think that you have finally snapped, and you must get help to calm yourself down. That’s not true at all if anything you should go. Let your friends or a family member that is helping you off the hook occasionally. Besides, as much as your friends or family are there for you. They’re not trained professionals and probably don’t have the necessary patience to keep helping you (More on that below). That’s when counseling comes in, they can help you  more efficiently and give you advice to become a better you .

What if I can’t afford it?

Okay, that’s a good one and a reasonable one. Therapy isn’t cheap, that much is true. However, there are ways around it. The first thing you should check is your job. I know, I know, you don’t want your job to be in your personal life. However, the benefits of said job may cover mental health. So, it’s important that you talk to your employer. You may never know.

Another way is searching the web to see if you can find some free sessions. Like a free trial, try it out and see if it works for you. Now, understand it’s only a FREE TRIAL. Which means it’s only temporary, and you’re going have to pay sooner or later. So,  before you go to just any free session learn about their prices. There’re a lot of people out there willing to help, some of them are expensive, others are affordable. So, please if you’re seeking ‘counseling’ remember to do your research with the person you want to talk to and learn their prices. By doing so, you can get the best care you can get for your problems and one that can work around your budget.

Well, I have friends I can talk to and that’s all I need?

Okay, sit down for a minute and understand something here. Yes, if you have friends, they are a great source of help. However, they’re not a permanent solution to help you get better. Why? Well, two reasons really. One, they’ll eventually get tired of you and might become the negative force in your life that you don’t need. Two, I’m going to say this one for the people in the back. THEY’RE NOT TRAINED PROFESSIONALS!!!! 

I can’t tell you how many times I have opened up about my depression to a few friends. Who all of sudden pulled their Ph.D. out of a cereal box and started to diagnose me, just to tell me that there’s nothing wrong with me. Or to have them accuse me for seeking attention when I wasn’t getting it. I get it friends are a great outlet, I agree, but they can’t be your only outlet for proper help. You must remember they have a life too, and you can’t expect them to drop everything and come running to you. Trust me I’m speaking from experience.

Okay, what about my family?

Please read above and just sub the word friends out for family, please.


As of right now, that’s all I can think when it comes to ‘counseling.’ It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If I didn’t let the fear of what people would think of me and believing that it was a waste of time. I probably would’ve been better off. So, to the person that is reading this. If you’re thinking about seeking help. Don’t listen to the naysayers and listen to the ones that do go. Just. Do. It.


Real quick if you need more convincing here’s an article about why you should go see one.


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