Mental Monday: The Lies They Tell You.

We all have one that one “friend” that’ll tell you they’ll always be there for you. The ones that tell you that if you ever need to talk just reach out. Simple right? Nope, not one bit, why? Because the people who tell you those things are the first ones to bail leaving you with... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye

It’s Writing Wednesday and today I have yet another interview for you all. Today, I had the pleasure of talking to fellow author Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye all the way from Nigeria. He’s a newly published author of two books and has plans to write many more in other genres instead. But without further ado or... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Update

So, I decided last week to take a break from all the madness and that included writing for a bit. Well, that break took longer than expected; and now I’m sitting here in the wee hours of the morning writing this update. So, that’s what I’m going to do a nice update for you all... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Keywana Wright

Welcome back to writing Wednesday and we have yet another interview. Today I have self-help and motivational writer, Keywana Wright. Where she has two self-published books which the link will be down below after the interview. But please join me in welcoming her and I hope you enjoy. Please introduce yourself before we begin. My... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Society

I’m pretty sure you’ve been to the stores in the past few days and seen the scores of empty aisles. And people who waited until everything calmed down, traveling from store to store praying that they find something to take care of themselves or their families for at least a few weeks. As well as... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: James West

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday and I have another interview today and this author is a motivational speaker, and a book titled “Ordinary Me.” The link to buy this book will be below after you read this interview. So, please join me in welcoming James West to today’s interview. Please introduce yourself before we begin.... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: A letter to You

To the important person reading this: Yes, I’m talking to you the person sitting down with their phone in hand or sitting down in front of a computer screen. You don’t know me, and I clearly don’t know you, but if you found yourself here on my blog. Then clearly something is wrong, and you... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: K. N. Nguyen

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! As before I have another interview from Fantasy writer, as well as other genres, K.N. Nguyen. Please give a lot of love and support for my next guest, and let’s get underway. Please introduce yourself before we begin. My name is Kristen. My pen name is K.N. Nguyen. I’m a... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Dating

Dating someone with Mental illness isn’t easy. This much is true, but it’s also false at the same time. Many people who I’ve met over the past ten years, who deals with mental health, had said the hardest thing about life is dating. Which there is a consensus that dating people is hard in general,... Continue Reading →

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