Mental Monday: A letter to You

To the important person reading this:

Yes, I’m talking to you the person sitting down with their phone in hand or sitting down in front of a computer screen. You don’t know me, and I clearly don’t know you, but if you found yourself here on my blog. Then clearly something is wrong, and you were supposed to read this. Now, I don’t know what your personal beliefs are, but that’s not important right now, what’s important that you read this letter…well, to you.

You’re probably thinking what’s wrong with you right now. You think you’re worthless and why do you even exist. I’m not going to tell the same things as everyone else does like “you’re here because you’re supposed to,” or “You’re not worthless and your important to someone.” What I want to tell you is much more important than no one thinks. I’m going to answer that question the best way I know-how. Are you ready?

You exist because you have a talent like no one else on this earth does, and you probably haven’t discovered it yet. You have this unfound power inside of you waiting to burst out and share it with the world. What is this talent? That I do not know, but I know that we all have been blessed with a talent that makes us happy. For example, I have the talent of knowing how to make others feel good about themselves. I have the talent of being kind and giving, even when I don’t receive it in return.

You have a gift, a talent that will make you happy and those around you. If anyone and I mean anyone doesn’t love your gift for this world, then they don’t love you. Don’t make the same mistakes that I made and keep those people around, because all they’ll do is just bring you down and destroy the very essence inside of you.

You’re not worthless and the person important to you might be the unlikeliest person in the world. Probably sitting there thinking about you or reading this right now right next to you. If not next to you, then in their home or somewhere in the world. The thing you need to understand is that you were put on this earth because there is a person out there that needs you. Needs you to guide them, a shoulder to cry on, to love you either as a friend or a soulmate. If you feel you’re worthless to the world, just remember that important person thinks the whole universe of you. Not just the world, but the universe. This person, whoever they may be, can’t walk this life alone without you.

They need you and you need them. Why? Because being important to someone can be rough sometimes. Your mind might get weary and even break, but guess what? That important person will come by and they’ll do the same thing you did for them ten times over. So, no, you’re not worthless not to me or that important person. We need you to be strong for us, so that one day and if that day ever comes. We can return that strength back to you.

Finally, if for whatever reason and whenever you’re reading this, and you want to end your life. Take it from a stranger, like me, and don’t do it. I’m not saying it because it’s selfish. I understand the pain you’re dealing with right now. I know that the dark side of our minds can be tough to go through, but it’s not impossible to come out of it. All I ask of you is that you don’t rob yourself of the talents/gifts you were blessed with in this cold world. Don’t rob the person who needs that gift more than any other in the world. Just relax think about your life right now and imagine it getting better. Trust me I was there, just like you, thinking about ending it all; and all I did was look up and I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m here writing this to letter to all who need to read it. Whether you’re lost in this world, or just tired of fighting each day. Take this letter as a prime example. You’ll pull through like you did the other ones. Better yet, you’re the strongest person I know. Despite us being complete strangers. If you want to print this out, save it on your phone, computer, and read this every day. Then do so. I know that there will be times when things get tough and that’s okay. Times are going to get tough for me too and I’ll fight it just like the rest of them!


A friend behind a keyboard.

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