Mental Monday: Society

I’m pretty sure you’ve been to the stores in the past few days and seen the scores of empty aisles. And people who waited until everything calmed down, traveling from store to store praying that they find something to take care of themselves or their families for at least a few weeks. As well as parents scrambling to get care for their young children since school is shut down for a month or more.

Senior citizens trying to find supplies, but can’t because people panic bought everything, they got their hands. And worse some of these people are selling these same items back on the internet ten times as much as they were in the store. It’s grotesque, that much I know, but it’s sad, nonetheless.

The worse part of this whole thing is, that it’s messing with someone’s mental health right now. Just think about it for a second, businesses are closing, and people can’t work. Now they’re sitting here thinking about what to do for money. How are they going to pay their bills soon? Yes, some jobs have offered to pay for salaries to help families, some not so much. It’s heartbroken to say the least, but it’s happening right now.

It’s every man for themselves and the crazy part about it. People who suffer from mental illness probably seen it coming. Meeting a few people in my lifetime, who have dealt with depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and schizophrenia. They have all shared their views on people around the world and to sum it all together… just look around you.

Panic buying, selling important resources on the internet, spreading of misinformation all around. It’s bad enough that people are scared, but to act in this manner makes things worse on someone’s mental health and it needs to stop. It’s not hard for people to spread the right information to help people calm down a little and teach proper procedures on how to prevent this virus. Never mind the age group, we should all be protecting ourselves and loves ones.

However, to all my readers who either deal with mental health or know someone that does. Please try your best to get through this. If you’re seeking counseling and can still see that person, please continue to do so. If you can’t there’s a link to a 24/7 crisis hotline that you can text. I know it’s different. But I want everyone to get through this and this is my way of helping the best way I can. If I can get more updates, I’ll let you all know in the coming days.


So, please take care and be safe out there everyone. Again, if for those that are trying to fight for their mental illness, keep up the fight even though this crisis, and I’ll see you guys in a couple of days from now. Until then try your absolute best to have a good week. If no one you know personally is cheering you on, just know that I am.

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