Author Interview: Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye

It’s Writing Wednesday and today I have yet another interview for you all. Today, I had the pleasure of talking to fellow author Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye all the way from Nigeria. He’s a newly published author of two books and has plans to write many more in other genres instead. But without further ado or spoiling anymore let’s get right into it.


  • Please Introduce yourself before we begin.


My name is Izuchukwu Raphael Onwusonye, I am from Imo State, Nigeria, a newly published Author of two Inspirational books as of December 2019. I’m a Civil servant, a Journalist, a Motivational Speaker and a Writer. I have a B.Sc Degree in Public Administration from Madonna University Okija, Anambra State and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the International Institute of Journalism, Abuja. I began to write since I was a boy in the early ’90s till now, though I never published any of my books till December 2019 when I published two books ” Life Seems Empty Without a Purpose” and ” You Are The Force Behind Your Success”.


  • Every writer has an origin story to tell, What’s Yours?


Hmmmm, well, like I said. I started writing since I was a boy back in the early ’90s. I started with the reading of children storybooks, novels at an early age and I fell in love with that. One day I picked up my pen and book and started writing. I was trying to do something out of an imaginary world, using literature to change the mindset of people. So, I wrote so many inspiring books then but I never published any because of certain challenges both financially and otherwise. Along the line, I lost most of my manuscripts during house parking or relocation cos I was still living with my parents then. As a young boy, I had the vision to become a writer someday and am proud that today I have achieved that dream despite all the challenges.


  • What was the first story or novel you ever worked on?


Of a truth, I can’t really recall the name of my first novel because I lost the manuscript together with others, as a boy I wrote so many books, just recently, I came across one of my old manuscript I wrote around 1995 or thereabout. The title of the book is “Tunde” it’s coming out soon as I’m currently working on it, trying to edit and fix the grammatical errors I used as a little boy then hahahaha but within a short time it will be out to the public, but as an adolescent, I worked and published two inspiring books last year December 2019 ” You Are The Force Behind Your Success” and ” Life Seems Empty Without a Purpose” is out on Amazon and those were the first I worked on.



  • What’s the hardest thing about writing?



As for me, procrastination and getting the ideal time to write. Considering my job and as a Father, my schedule is always tight, and I don’t really have much time to write. It’s either am here or there, but in all, I still return the glory to God for the little time I invest in writing out of my busy schedule.


  • What genre do you write in and do you have a favorite?


Currently, I write Non- Fiction, though I aspire to lay my hand on every genre out there at some point.



  • Why do you write?



It makes me happy, writing is part of me, it’s part of my life. It makes me feel like am using literature to talk to people, changing their mindset positively. Cos according to Lemony Snicket ” All the secrets of the world are contained in books”.

It gives me joy seeing or hearing testimonies from people telling me how my book inspired and transformed them. This absolutely makes me feel happy.


  • Favorite Author and/ or book series?


There are lots of them but I will mention a few of them like Chinua Achebe, Greene Roberts, Barbara Kompik, Edna White, Chrisse Christ, Author Ndoh etc.


  • Okay, the tough question is here. It’s no secret that mental health is important for writers. Seeing that I want to be more of an advocate for it. Is there any advice you like to give to people to keep fighting whether you’re dealing with it personally or know someone that is?


I wouldn’t know of someone else but for me, we all face our own adversities, the next person might not know what you are passing through but sometimes I do advice people to go on break, travel, go on tour as to relax and maintain a good mental health. How we deal with it definitely defines our life path.


  • Before we leave is there anything you’re working on now or anything you have released?


Yes, like I mentioned earlier, I just published two Inspirational books last December 2019 ” Life Seems Empty Without a Purpose” and ” You Are The Force Behind Your Success” is out there on Amazon for sale. Currently, am working on two books also which will be ready soon. You can check regularly on my Facebook account: Raphael Izu Raphael or my Facebook Page: Sprint Media Outfit for further updates on the books.


  • Finally, anything you want to say to new writers/ artists?


Okay, here I will tell them to never ever try to give up on your dream, pursue that dream and achieve your goal. If you work hard you will reach your desired destination with the Grace of God.

Just like myself I never gave up on my Author career since the early 90’s when I started pursuing it and today am an Author and am still praying for more God’s grace upon my life and more good doors and opportunities to call in.

Remember to always live a good life and stay positive.


There you have it folks and that’s all the time we have for you today. I know I would have more to say, but I feel that Raphael had summed up a lot for me this day and I greatly appreciate it. Just remember happy reading, writing, or whatever it is you’re creating; and have fun doing it. See you guys next Monday.

“You can make anything by writing”

C.S. Lewis

Life Seems Empty Without a Purpose

You Are The Force Behind Your Success

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