Mental Monday: The Lies They Tell You.

We all have one that one “friend” that’ll tell you they’ll always be there for you. The ones that tell you that if you ever need to talk just reach out. Simple right? Nope, not one bit, why? Because the people who tell you those things are the first ones to bail leaving you with more questions than answers.

I’m pretty sure many of you had that “friend” once in your life. Or some of us, like me, had that “friend” come at different times of your life. I had one when I went to my community college and one at the University. Both times I was devasted at the revelation of their true intention, but I learned from both, but not in a good way.

I began to distance myself from people keeping what was bothering me bottled in and just dealing with the pain on my own. I would go to my safe place and sit there for hours until I felt I was able to carry on through the day. But there were times when my depression got the best of me and my anxiety kicked in. Shortness of breath, everything around me spinning like I was on one of those carnival rides. You know the ones that spin you around in a circle for a few minutes, yeah never again.

Anyway, I would have to disappear into the darkness, seizing all forms of contact from the friends that we’re genuine. Sometimes I had them worried, sometimes they would express their disappointment. I must say I do apologize for acting in such a way, but when you have that one “friend” that breaks their promises other things begin to invade your mind (Topic for another day).

My advice is don’t do what I did. Don’t distance yourself from those that truly care. Yes, having that one “friend” can be exhausting and devastating. Just remember that for every so-called “friend” five genuine ones are waiting to fight for you. Yes, they have their own lives to attend to and sometimes you must fight alone, but don’t fret. Find your safe place, whether that’s outside, in your car, or a bathroom. Find it and do something that will take your mind off things. Read a book, play a game on your phone, or a Switch if you have one. Whatever you do that calms you down, do it. However, what happens if our safe places are running out?

Well, you’ll have your answer next week on that one.

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