Author Interview: Bryan Gifford

Hello everyone and welcome back to Writing Wednesday. Today I have author Bryan Gifford who hails from the state of Texas and is known for his fantasy series ‘The Atonement Trilogy.’ So, please give a warm welcome to Bryan and join me as we get to know a little more about him.


  • Please introduce yourself before we begin.

Hey guys, I’m Bryan Gifford, author of ‘The Atonement Trilogy’, an epic fantasy about a soldier’s struggle for vengeance in the midst of a four-hundred-year genocide at the hands of an immortal tyrant.

  • Every writer has an origin story to tell, what’s yours?

I always loved to read; I was that book worm always huddled beneath a mountain of books at the public library. There were so many stories out there and I knew that I just had to share my own. Ideas bubbled in the back of my head for years, and eventually I just had to get them out. It started with sketches and scribbles, but I never stopped until I finally published my first book at eighteen.

  • What was the first story, poem or novel you ever worked on?

The first book in “The Atonement Trilogy”, ‘The Spirit of Revenge’.

  • What’s the hardest thing about writing?

Besides the entire process? Haha! Seriously though, it’s a difficult but rewarding hobby. For me, the hardest part is the marketing and getting my name out there. It seems like most authors want to just write and find out afterwards that the work is just beginning. As far as the process itself, I would say following a schedule, fighting through the writer’s block, and just sitting down in the chair and writing.

  • What Genres do you write in and do you have a favorite?

I’ve only written in Fantasy so far, but I love everything Fantasy so I will likely focus most of my work around the genre. I intend to delve into various sub-genres and sci-fi too, however. You won’t be seeing any romance novels from me!

  • Why do you write?

It’s incredible to think that entire worlds and characters can come alive at the tips of your fingers. To create has been immensely rewarding, but also to share. It’s the greatest feeling to hear people talk about your books and how much they’ve enjoyed being a part of the world you’ve built.

  • Favorite author and/or book series?

So many! Some of the classics like Tolkien and Jordan and Lewis have helped shape me. I’m also a big fan of Brandon Sanderson and Steven Erikson.

  • Okay, the tough question here. It’s no secret that Mental health is important for writers. Seeing that I want to be more of an advocate for it. Is there any advice you like to give to people to keep fighting, whether you’re dealing with it personally or know someone that is?

That’s a great question, and something a lot of writers and creatives struggle with. I personally fight with depression, low confidence, and self-doubt. My advice to those writing is just to keep at it. Find your reason for writing. We all write for ourselves first and foremost, so write what you want and take care of yourself and your own happiness first. Writing is an outlet and a source for retreat from the world. Don’t let the world take that from you!

  • Before we leave is there anything you’re working on now or anything you have released?

I’m currently at work on a dark fantasy standalone titled “Banesong”. I’m over 100k words in and it should be around 150k when finished. After that, I’m cobbling together ideas for a standalone novel or two, as well as an epic high fantasy.

  • Finally, anything you want to say to new writers/artists?

Keep fighting! It’s your passion so don’t let anyone ruin it for you. Seek out constructive criticism and always strive to be better. Read, read, read, for reading is the best way to improve your own writing. And lastly, sit your butt in that chair and write, write, write!

For all you fantasy fans out there if Bryan caught your attention please refer to his Amazon page to purchase ‘The Atonement Trilogy.’ As well as keep a lookout for his Dark fantasy novel that I’m pretty sure he’s hard at work right now. However, that’s all I have for you all today and I hope you guys are staying safe and healthy out there. Just remember to read, write, or create whatever it is you’re creating and have fun doing it.

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

-Brandon Sanderson

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