Author Interview: Kadija Phillips

Author Interviews Welcome back to Writing Wednesday and you guess it I have another interview with Kadija Phillips. Without spoiling anything, I hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better as I have. See you guys in a bit. Please introduce yourself before we begin. I am Kadija Phillips and I am the... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Memorial Day

This year, this…holiday. It hits different for a lot of us. We use this time to remember those that we lost throughout our lives. But most importantly we are celebrating this time to remember those that were lost during this pandemic. Not only to the virus itself but to those who lost their battle to... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Frances Dupree

Okay, welcome back to Writing Wednesday and you guessed it I have another interview for you today. So, let’s jump into it and get to know a little about Frances Dupree. 1) Please introduce yourself before we begin. ​My name is Frances Dupree, I am a wife a mother of eight sons and one daughter... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Celebrating Friends

You know what’s the best way to fight your mental illness for a short while. By celebrating your friend’s achievements. Just recently I learned that my best friend passed her bar exam and now she’s going to be lawyer…or is she one already? I don’t know with these things, but the point here is that... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Allison West

Hello all, and welcome back to Writing Wednesday which means that’s right. It’s time for another Author interview with international breakout star Allison West. I would give you guys some minor teasers here, but I think I’ll let her do all the talking on this one. 1) Please introduce yourself before we begin. Hi, I’m... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Being Loved Pt 2

In my opinion, the most dangerous drug known to man is love. It’s addicting, it feels good, you’re not yourself. You’ll do anything in the world to hold on to it, but one wrong move and it’s gone. Your mind and body are beginning to go through withdrawals. You’ll do anything to get that love... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Stella Stella.

Welcome back to writing Wednesday and today I have here fellow author Stella Stella. Who is a retiree and a mother of one child. However, instead of me spoiling the interview, I am going to let you guys read it and form your own opinions about her. Enjoy! Please introduce yourself before we begin. Hello,... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Being Loved

If this “quarantine” has taught me anything these past few weeks, it is that I yearn to be loved by someone. Not just family, or friends, but that special person we all have been looking for. That soul mate, that “best friend” we’ll eventually fall in love with. The one you want to come home... Continue Reading →

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