Mental Monday: Being Loved Pt 2

In my opinion, the most dangerous drug known to man is love. It’s addicting, it feels good, you’re not yourself. You’ll do anything in the world to hold on to it, but one wrong move and it’s gone. Your mind and body are beginning to go through withdrawals. You’ll do anything to get that love back, but soon you’ll admit defeat and come to terms with your flaws. Negative thoughts start to invade your mind and it’s not something you want. You’ll think your worthless and not capable of having such a wonderful thing.

Some will say you’re worthy of such love, but you’ll ignore it and that’s okay. Maybe you’re like me who just gave up on it. Thinking you’re better off alone in the world, or maybe you can use this time to just be yourself and if someone likes you for you, then let them in. If no one finds you as a suitable partner, then screw them.

I believe the problem with a lot of people finding love, is that the ones that have the hardest time finding it are probably the good ones. I know people who are terrible in a relationship and yet they can “rebound” after the next. Where someone like me, well, I’m the guy that strikes out every night. Why? Honestly, I don’t know, I thought it was because of my physical appearance. Maybe when I come forward about my mental health it’s a turnoff. Or maybe being nice is too good to be true for some people.

Either way finding love can be exhausting on one’s mental health and there are times where people will just snap. Some will find ways to hurt those that hurt others, while the rest will just walk this life alone. We all deserve love in this life or the next. There is someone met for everyone and it’s frustrating that we all ignore the signs that we should be looking for. Imagine a world where we didn’t ignore the signs, yeah, I know, it’s a fantasy. But a guy can dream, right?

Love is a dangerous thing, that much is true, and we all sit here wondering why the wrong people get it. Maybe they’re not the wrong people. Maybe they deserve it and people like us don’t. Or it might be that people who don’t get the love they so rightfully deserve are so unique in a way that people don’t know how to handle it.

Just know if you’re one of the few that are looking for love and you don’t get it. Just know, you’re not alone in this battle. We all find a way in this world, in this life. If that’s with someone special or alone.

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