Mental Monday: Celebrating Friends

You know what’s the best way to fight your mental illness for a short while. By celebrating your friend’s achievements. Just recently I learned that my best friend passed her bar exam and now she’s going to be lawyer…or is she one already? I don’t know with these things, but the point here is that she did it. Even when times get tough, even when she didn’t pass it the first time. She stayed focused and made it through.

When she told me the news, I was happy for her. I hit her with scores of questions, and she answered what she could. But I could tell she was happy that she had the career she always dreamed of. At first, it made me depressed that my friend got what she wanted. While I’m still here waiting for my shot to come. Soon, that depression went away, and I felt subtle ease of joy. My friend became a lawyer and she’s my friend. What’s there not to be happy about?

I would’ve suggested we go bowling to celebrate, but due to the social distance. We just decided to be excited about her career down the road. Thinking about it now, I asked myself how far she can go as a lawyer. Will she own a law firm one day? Will she eventually become a judge? Just, so many things went through my mind that I couldn’t even answer them all.

My point here, that if you’re like me and times get tough and you don’t feel like your getting anywhere in life. Just remember you have friends or family members that went through the same thing as you. By achieving their goals, you should celebrate with them and put your problems to the side for the time being. Learn from them, talk to them, ask them what they did to get to their goals; and listen carefully. You’ll be surprised how many times I heard my friend tell me she wanted to give up on everything because it became too much.

It’s important to celebrate friends, especially those that are always there for you through your dark times. It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. We go through so much in our personal life that we tend to forget about those around us. We forget about the things they go through and that they too, just like you, are human.

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