Death’s Ear

I’m ignored sometimes. I’m ignored most of the time. The world around me burns and no one has yet to listen to a word I said. I screamed and threw my arms up like a wild man. But still, I have gone completely unanswered. People will say that I can always talk to them, that they will always have an ear for me. But when that time comes, I find myself talking to death’s ear.

I’m invisible sometimes…I’m invisible most of the time. My mind racing a thousand miles, the whole world around has now stopped. Sympathy and love coming from places I did not know existed, they hug and kiss me. They tell me to reach out to them whenever I’m ready. I’ll smile, but deep down inside I know they are selling me a fantasy. For I know when that time comes for me to speak. I’ll be only talking to death’s ear.

People tell me they will fight. That they will destroy the world that has put me out of my misery. I know without a doubt that they’re not telling the truth. For my death will be quick and forgotten before the week is even out. They will say I should’ve reached out and talked to them. But they should know by now that when I did…I was only talking to death’s ear.

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