Update: Being Black

It has been a week since the protesting started over George Floyd, and for the past few weeks, I have been asked about my thoughts on the whole matter. And to be quite honest with you all, I didn’t know what to say without getting “canceled” which is still going on. However, after careful considerations, I realize I can’t stay quiet on this matter anymore.

As a writer, I unconsciously took on a duty to educate those that follow me about racism, police brutality, harassment, and censoring art. I understand that these things will be controversial, and I might garner more enemies than friends. But no one said the truth was supposed to be nice. Instead, it was meant to set us all free.

As time went on, I lost friends due to these political climates and I’m sure a few more will walk away from me in the coming weeks, and right now I don’t care anymore. I have dealt with loss before on multiple occasions. So much that we have become close…acquaintances. It’s not something I should dwell on so much, but it’s something that I must admit to myself. It’s my truth…my reality.  

So, starting this Monday. I’ll be talking about these personal issues in a new series I liked to call “Unapologetically Misunderstood.” It’s part of a book I’m working on, and I figured I can talk about certain things here that won’t be in it. I also realized that the book will take some time to work on as I’ll be working on it a little bit each month for probably the next two years. Meanwhile, I’m still focusing on getting my first novel “Exile” edit and published, but I still need to talk about this.

I never thought that I had to talk about politics on my blog and I’m not doing it for fame or clicks. I’m doing it because its time people understand why I don’t speak on these things anymore in public. “Unapologetically Misunderstood” will be like “Finding My Voice” but only this time a little better…okay a whole lot better, but you get my point. I’m hoping to find some release from all the chaos in the world, and a new truth for you. See you guys soon

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