Author Interview: Chanekka Pullens

Author Interview Questions

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday, and yes as always I have another interview for you all today. Today I have Chanekka Pullens, who’s a non-fiction, poetry, and children writer with a few titles already published under her name. Without further a-do let’s get this show on the road and I’ll see you guys in a few.


1)Please introduce yourself before we begin.

* My name is Chanekka Pullens. I am a mother, author, blogger, web designer, and entrepreneur.

2) Every writer has an origin story to tell, what’s yours?

*I have always had a love for writing, especially poetry. My general origin story is a long and complex one, so I’ll stick to my writing origin. In 2009, I began to write a manuscript. I was in college, so eventually, I put my book on the backburner. In 2013 my big brother was murdered. I dropped out of college and began to spiral for the worse. I happened across the manuscript that I started in 2009 and began to read it and I eventually completed it. As I was writing my first book, I was able to heal and become the writer I am today.

3) What was the first story, poem or novel you ever worked on?

*The first book that I worked on and completed was, “The Book About M.E.: Mind Elevation” which was published in 2014.

4) What’s the hardest thing about writing?

*The hardest thing about writing is sometimes the lack of motivation. I think that it is virtually impossible to be a great writer if you are not motivated to do so. It is only when you are motivated that you will be able to express yourself successfully.

5) What Genres do you write in and do you have a favorite?

*My first book is nonfiction. My second book is poetry, along with one I’m currently editing. My third, fourth, and fifth books are apart of my Princess Lu Children’s Book Series. And I’m currently writing my first fiction suspense novelette.

6) Why do you write?

*Simple. I write to heal personally and to create a mental space for others to heal.

7) Favorite author and/or book series?

*My favorite author is James Patterson. I have more than twenty of his books on my bookshelf with the intention of reading every book he’s written. I am the biggest fan of his Women’s Murder Club Series, although I enjoy his others.

8) Okay, the tough question here. It’s no secret that Mental health is important for

writers. Seeing that I want to be more of an advocate for it, is there any advice you

like to give to people to keep fighting, whether you’re dealing with it personally or

know someone that is?

*My foundation as a writer is to promote the power of positive thinking. My motto of life and of my writing is to ensure people that there is a positive solution for every negative situation. We sometimes must put in more of an effort to discover that positive solution. For giving into negative is much easier and at our disposal. But the more we are able to seek positive solutions, the more we are able to live positive lives. And that’s the ultimate goal in this experience of life.

9) Before we leave is there anything you’re working on now or anything you have


*I’m currently working on wrapping up my second poetry book and in the process of writing my first fiction suspense novelette. This book will be full of symbolism that is sure to elevate the reader’s mind.

10) Finally, anything you want to say to new writers/artists?

*Take your time. Plan out your writing schedule ahead of time, I plan monthly. Make sure to be realistic and take days off. The best way to write is to have a clear mind to create.


Oh! You’re back, well, I hope you enjoyed Chanekka time as much as she enjoyed telling a little bit about herself. If you want to know more, you can follow her on Instagram, twitter, andFacebook. Wait! There’s more she even has her own website as well. But that’s all the time I have for you all today. Just remember to read, write, or create whatever it is you’re doing and have fun doing it.


“There’s no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books.”

-James Patterson


Facebook: /mindelevationforallfan

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