Myths of The Mentally Ill

For as long as I can remember many of us have assumed the worse about people battling depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia. Now dealing with depression myself, I understand how offensive these myths are. So, today I’ll be talking about the most common myths that I have heard and dealt with throughout my life and explain why these things are not true.

  • All of them are crazy.

This one is one of my personal favorites. Even though there have been mentally ill people who have committed atrocious acts of violence and other crimes. It does not mean everyone who deals with it will resort to such behavior. No thanks to the media like movies, tv shows, and the news. Many people think that when they hear someone has been diagnosed with some form of mental issues, they assume the worse.

  • They just want attention.

No one speaks about their mental health to seek attention. Support, yes, but attention far from it. If anything, many of us like to stay out of the spotlight and hang on to the little support that we have. In no way shape or form do we shout out from the mountain top saying we want the world to pay attention to us. It’s bad enough that we think we don’t fit in the world now. So, why would we want attention from a world we don’t feel right in?

  • Dating them is hard.

This is nothing more than an excuse to avoid someone, instead of rejecting them and letting them move on. Every girl I have dealt with told me that I’m always negative, and I’m always having a bad day. What they forget to mention is the jokes I say, the thoughtful conversations, or the good days that I do have. When it comes to dating someone with mental illness it can be a challenge and some, but all it takes is time and understanding on how to deal with it.

  • Dealing with them is time-consuming.

A phone call a week or every few days is good enough. If not, a text message is just fine too. You may proceed with your day.

  • It’s not my fault that they’re dealing with it.

No one ever said it was.

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