Mental Monday Special: Another Month Gone

As we come to a close on Suicide awareness month. I just want to spend some time talking to the ones that have gone down that dark path and survived. The pain you’re going through, trust me I get it. You want the pain to stop on its own, but you’re tired of waiting for... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday Special: The Fights, The Defeats, The Victories, and The Healing.

It’s tough dealing with depression and anxiety daily. I know better than anyone that fighting it alone is something that no one should have to do. But we do it anyway, we keep to ourselves and smile away not showing our true pain to the world. Instead, we go home with our smiles no longer... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Toxic

We all heard this word before and it’s not a good word to be associated with. But for so long many of us never knew how to identify one, let alone how to deal with it. We try our best to avoid such a thing, and by doing so. We develop paranoia or for the... Continue Reading →

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