Mental Monday Special: Toxic Demons

The worse thing about having an ‘episode’ is falling back into your old habits. The one thing that put us on a dark path of separation and destruction. It was the same thing that made us best friends with the grim reaper. Begging for his cold embrace, to end our suffering once and for all. Some even praying that the next life is better than the one they had, but until that day comes. We continue to inject such toxics like drugs and alcohol into our bodies until they can’t take any more.

These ‘pain killers’ we so desperately want but don’t need. Have divided friends and destroyed families like nothing we have seen before. Instead of trying to help fight these demons, people will usually allow us to keep going until we’re no more. Until the church choir is singing, and people crying wishing they should’ve done more. Some will even pray that their loved one found peace on the other side but will never admit that they were part of the problem.

However, there’s no blame to pass around, because at the end of the day a choice was made. A choice to allow these toxic demons to jump into our hands and inject them into our lives, our bodies, even our souls. We allow it to take away our freedom and our love. By the time we realized what happened we’re all alone with no one to reach out too.

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