Mental Monday Special: Therapy…Yes Again!

I used to be a naysayer to these things. I thought what’s the point of paying someone to listen to all your problems when you have friends to do it for you. Well, twenty-year-old me was wrong and stupid; and he didn’t know any better back then. The present me is telling you that there’s nothing wrong with going to therapy. Therapists are trained to hear you vent about your problems, not because they’re getting paid to do it. But because they’re trained on how not to be biased and give you the best advice possible, before sending you on your way.

For me, therapy made me see the world clearer, more objective if I’m being honest about it. And it helps me find my confidence in myself again. Something that I thought was gone forever, due to how I was treated in the past. If it did that for me, imagine what it would do for everyone else. If we just embrace that we all need a little help now and then.

I do, however, see the stigma in going to see one. The moment people know you’re going to see one. They believe that you finally lost it and are somehow deemed too dangerous to be around. It’s grotesque and it shouldn’t be like that, but here we are doing it every day because people can’t accept that mental health is a disease. A disease that many people, Therapists and Psychiatrists alike, are fighting against on the front lines. The hours of research and discussions/debates that go into mental health. Should be enough to have everyone understand that these people are just as important as doctors, police officers, and firefighters.

Sure, they’re not getting any medals or commendations. But people in these fields are the unsung heroes of our generation and that of the future. Times are changing and each time they change new challenges are presented. Every day someone out in the world is going through depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Every day someone is fighting these battles alone with no one to reach out too. Therefore, therapy is important, this is why I went from a naysayer to advocate for this profession. We need more people like them in the future and it’s time we start pushing the narrative to combat the coming threat.

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