Mental Monday Special: The Fights, The Defeats, The Victories, and The Healing.

It’s tough dealing with depression and anxiety daily. I know better than anyone that fighting it alone is something that no one should have to do. But we do it anyway, we keep to ourselves and smile away not showing our true pain to the world. Instead, we go home with our smiles no longer there and the energy it took disperse. We eat our dinner if we’re up to it, and we watch our ‘favorite’ show, finally ending with us crawling into our beds, and burying our heads in the cover.

Sometimes the fight becomes difficult, almost impossible if I’m being honest. But we know that we can’t expect to win every fight, but we can’t expect to lose every fight as well. You win some, you lose some. But you live to fight another day, which is said by Pops from ‘Friday.’ As he’s talking to his son Craig. Even though he was talking about a real fight that his son was about to face towards the end of the movie. We can take those words and focus on our own fight with mental health.

When it comes to defeats sometimes you must admit that your depression has taken over and won the day. Sometimes you must let the pain run its course until you can get back up. However, I’m not saying by letting your depression win the day, that you should give up on life. Just tell your demons that they can have this round, but they should be ready for the next one. For example, let’s look at the move ‘300’ and how the Spartans won one victory after another until they were finally defeated. Their enemy as evil as they were, took their losses, but never gave up not once and it paid off in the end.

Some will see that analogy as them being the Persians and I’m not saying we’re evil people who deserve to be dealing with mental pain day in and out. I’m saying is that if they can find a way around their enemies to keep moving forward, so can we. We can push forward through the chokehold, no matter how many times our demons knock us down. We get back up and push back until the pain is gone.

Then you have your victory, you can scream and shout in celebration. You can treat yourself to a bowl of ice cream, or a slice of pizza to commemorate your fight. The feeling of accomplishment will rush you like a tidal wave, followed by a tsunami of emotions knowing that you beat your demons back. But you must understand that they too will come back for another round, this time you’ll be ready to fight back harder because you’ll be preparing for it.

You’ll be prepared by healing, learning the mistakes you made down the road. The decision you made that got you there in the first place. You’ll learn to forgive yourself and those around you, but you’ll never forget what they have done to you. It’s difficult this I know and after my next post I’m going to start a new journey. Of healing, restoration, building, and moving forward. One will take longer than the other, but It’s a journey I’m willing to take and you’re more than welcome to come.

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