Mental Monday Special: Another Month Gone

As we come to a close on Suicide awareness month. I just want to spend some time talking to the ones that have gone down that dark path and survived. The pain you’re going through, trust me I get it. You want the pain to stop on its own, but you’re tired of waiting for time to runs its natural course. You wait and you wait, until you just want to shout to the heavens for it all to stop. But you know it don’t work that way. So, instead the idea of giving up on life begins to invade your mind.

Some would call you selfish for thinking about it, but again they don’t know any better. For they are speaking from ignorance and not from knowledge on how much it hurts being isolated from a world you wanted to embrace and be embrace by. A family that you thought loved you from the moon and back, or friends that were going to stick with you forever. This truth can be damaging, and your mind starts to go down the white rabbit hole. Never once considering how you were ever going to get back.

Honestly, I have a strong detest for these awareness months. People only caring when the month requires it. People should be aware every day and not once a month. This should be fight every day of the year and not simply just thirty days or sixty days (counting May), but three-hundred and sixty-five days a year. Or 525,600 minutes for all my ‘Rent’ fans out there.  

The bottom line the fight won’t be easy, but we can do it as a society. Put aside our differences and fight a real enemy that many of us have ignored for decades. But first, if you’re reading this and you thought about ending your own life you can find the hotline down at the bottom of this blog for you to talk to someone. I understand that it’s a tiresome resource, but it’s the best one we got. However, in the coming future, I’ll try my best to find additional resources for you all. Remember you’re not alone and you have people in your corner. Even if they’re strangers, they’re rooting for you.

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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