My Year in Review

As I said last week this has been a challenging year for us all, but a lot of us made the best of it. Some have picked up new and old hobbies. While others discovered new and old passions while chasing after dreams that they put on the back burner for so long. Meanwhile, I decided to take my writing to the next level by editing and rewriting a novel (That I’m going to have to do again soon) and decided to be more active on social media and my blog.

This year I decided to tackle mental health with my new series Mental Monday, and I was quite surprised by the outcome of it. Having such a small platform, I would be lucky if I got at least one person to read my work, but this year I was averaging between ten to fifteen people. However, as time went by it slowed down, but the fact that it got as much attention as it did. It kept me going even when I was running out of ideas to write about. Now, after doing some reviewing, I might not do it weekly and just write about mental health when I have something to talk about. No, I won’t abandon the series, but just lesser its role on my blog.

The Author interviews were quite a big hit on my blog this year. Ranging from fifteen to a little over a hundred people. Again, for a small blog, this is a step in the right direction. This one will continue to play a huge role in the future once I find some more people to interview. I may even bring some people back from the past just to see how they’re doing since we last spoke to them.

One other thing my blog views have reached a little over a thousand views which means I have quite a challenge on my hands next year to reach at least two thousand or more. This means I must change some things around with my blog…again. I was thinking about going back to my roots once more and make this blog what it was intended to be and that was about writing. When I first started this blog, its primary focus was to grow an audience to help me get published easier, but then I started to experiment, and I felt like I lost a potential audience there. So, I believe going back to my roots will bring them back and give me new people to go with.  

With that said my goal is to write at least ten short stories or more this year while trying to get some of those published in literary and speculative fiction magazines. While also writing essays about writing from different mediums as I believe there’s a lot of misunderstanding and my goal is to try and help people understand a little more. I believe doing this will help me evolve as a writer and expose me to new ideas out there. For now, I’m starting small and have goals in place to help me do such a thing.

Besides that, I still have more goals I want to accomplish next year, and with that, I have started making plans on how to tackle them. With the help of a few friends and one family member, I’m hoping to achieve many of these goals for next year in the journey of reaching my dreams of becoming a known writer in the world. I knew for so long that the road wasn’t going to be easy, but I must accept I can’t do this alone. So, with some support and dedication, I believe I can achieve this dream even if it means leaving people behind.

With that said though I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and I hope to see you all next year.

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