The year is halfway over, yet I sit here in front of my laptop wondering what I can do to further my writing career. It took six months for me to understand this and that was okay to say the least. I did a lot of thinking about my blog and what it was meant to be when I first created it back in 2015. The goal was for people to hear my voice and love and hate my stories. For the past few years, I have not been doing that and it’s about time I return to my roots.


From this day forward this blog will only be about literature and writing alone. I have decided to take my post about Mental health issues to Medium instead. In hopes of catching a wider audience to help spread it more. I know it may upset some of you, but this is the mission from here on out. Stick to storytelling, whether it’s a story of my own or in another form of medium (E.g., video games, movies, books etc.).  So, here’s are some of things I’ll be adding and removing a long with a special announcement.

Since you know that Mental Monday’s will no longer be here. I have decided to replace it with telling one shot short stories in its place. These stories will be more grounded and will focus on the human aspect of each character. No matter their race, gender, creed, and/or sexuality. I will establish mental health challenges in a creative way in hopes of spreading more awareness.

Favoring quality over quantity I have decided that these stories will not be a weekly release but will be release by a case-by-case basis. Right now, I’m thinking of two short stories to write about with one being release before the end of summer.


I will also be doing analysis on my favorite and not so favorite titles ranging from books, movies, and comic books. One I will be working on soon but won’t be releasing until probably next month is based on one of my favorite and first graphic novels I ever read. Right now, I’ll have to re-read the material and make sure I understand it well enough. So, keep a lookout in the future for some of these and I hope I can pique your interest in some of my favorite things.


Next are newsletter, which as you can already tell is the first of many to come. I can use this to keep you all updated on anything and everything that I’m working on in the future. Along with new releases and ideas in the coming months. So, be ready to see more of these in the future.


For those that were with me in the beginning you’ll probably remember that I did a series of short stories called the “Love Chronicles” and it pretty much went unfinished. Well, in the coming weeks I’ll be taking those down and will begin the rewriting process for them to be release later, on a different platform which we’ll get to in a minute.


Author interviews will continue, and I’ll be working on trying to get new people to interview in the coming weeks; and maybe I’ll bringing back a few old ones just to see how they’re doing since we last spoke to them. Even though my platform is not big I believe it is good practice for the both of us as we grow as writers and as a community.


At last, my special announcement. Not only will I be writing on Medium for my non-fiction topics. I have decided to go to Watt Pad for my bigger projects like “The Love Chronicles,” and a yet unannounced series. By doing this I can create new opportunities and build my network even more as a writer. All I need to do is stay consistent and discipline myself this summer to start a process to deliver my stories to the world.

Thank you for your support and overwhelming patience with me as I worked through my problems and finally understand what it is I want to do with my writing endeavors today and in the future. Thank you and see you guys soon.

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