I Have no Excuses!

You know what I have no excuse as to why you haven’t seen any new content from me. I told you that I would have an analysis of my favorite comic book out last month and that didn’t happen. I promised you a new short story last month and here we are with nothing to show for it. So, this newsletter is going to be quick as I post my first new content starting tomorrow.

Which is what exactly?

Well, as I go back to work on the other short story that I’m working on, I’m going to re-published my first fantasy short story that I got published years ago by Dragon Soul Publisher. It was the first piece of writing that got accepted in 2018 and it was already a tragic time for me. Even though that made things so much better, it wasn’t easy keeping up with the others. With my job being restless as ever and my personal life getting in the way. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago I decided enough was enough.

I decided to take control of my own life and whoever is going to accept can hop on this ride with me as I continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a published author. With that said, I’m going to refocus my time and efforts on my blog and a new project that I have in the works. I noticed that I’ll have to cut back on a lot of my free time(until I get more next year) and bust my ass to grow my audience as best as I can.

One of those decisions was to add fantasy back on my blog as it’s something that is close to my heart and is something that I want people to read more of. Yes, those same stories I’ve been working on will be coming soon, and once they’re ready you’ll get to read them and give me your honest feedback on the whole thing. So, stay tuned for tomorrow morning as I release, well re-release, my first story “A Forbidden Union.” Followed by “Matthew” in the coming weeks.

Again thank you for following me for this long and if you’re new please like and follow so I can grow, and this time I’ll put in more effort to get the work done. Thank you and Happy Holloween!

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