Death’s Ear

I’m ignored sometimes. I’m ignored most of the time. The world around me burns and no one has yet to listen to a word I said. I screamed and threw my arms up like a wild man. But still, I have gone completely unanswered. People will say that I can always talk to them, that... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Bryan Gifford

Hello everyone and welcome back to Writing Wednesday. Today I have author Bryan Gifford who hails from the state of Texas and is known for his fantasy series ‘The Atonement Trilogy.’ So, please give a warm welcome to Bryan and join me as we get to know a little more about him.   Please introduce... Continue Reading →

Did You Know?

Grandma, when you first held me, your eldest grandchild. Did you know that I would be gifted with putting words to paper? Better than I could with my mouth?   When you held your second grandchild. Did you know with his charisma and ability to speak well, that he would influence the next generation, for... Continue Reading →

Crimes against Humanities.

We hereby find you guilty of the following crimes. The crime of being yourself! Your unique personality and your brutal honesty have destroyed the person's unjust behavior and beliefs.   You have been found guilty of finding love. With every requirement of a good partner met, you are seen as weak in the eyes of... Continue Reading →

King and Queen

Ladies ask for a king, so they can feel like a Queen. Instead, they choose a Jester over a Prince. They rather be entertained and played for a fool, Then build a kingdom and turn it into an Empire.   They would rather tear down a king to see him in tears. Then hype up... Continue Reading →

The Diner

Inspired by the song “Sober” by Childish Gambino.   Darius leaned against the faded as he drank from his cup while playing angry birds on his phone. He could hear one of the employees working in the back-washing dishes and a man playing an arcade game, but Darius remained focused on his game. The time... Continue Reading →

Bound by Blood

Wade and Nicholas stood outside of the gas station about thirty minutes before midnight, waiting on an old lady to finish up her conversation with the owner. Nicholas the older brother leaned against the wall, inhaling the cold thin air while his younger brother Wade slowly paced a small area, glancing inside the store every... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Time

Once up a time, We used to be brothers. Now were enemies,  setting up for a war. Our armies at the ready, let the best man win.   I used to be filled with love and joy. Hatred has now taken its place, Grasping my soul, dragging me down. It’s dark and cold, It’s lonely... Continue Reading →

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