Finding My Voice: My First Attempt at a Novel

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I thought about a novel that I wanted to write almost eleven years ago. Hell, I still remember what the premise was, it was about an African-American man who ran with a notorious gang and had a reputation of being a killer; but when he learns... Continue Reading →

Finding my Voice: Vilma

It’s been a while since I did one of these. With working on my novel and other projects. I’ve neglected this blog one too many times and thought I do another of my “FMV’s.” This time this one is about a very good, very special friend. One who did more for me then what anyone... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice: My Parents

Okay, I have two more stories about me being in high school and we’re done with that part of the series. But first I like to take the time to apologize to my readers for not posting anything in the past week and a half. I’ve decided to take a break from writing but quickly... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice: Label

The last time we spoke I told you how I came to learn that I had no real friends at school…or at least I think. Well, today I’m going to tell you the follow-up of what happened after the whole situation with my so call friends. I was labeled a snitch at school. And that... Continue Reading →

Finding My Voice: A Hard Lesson

Last time we spoke I was telling you about the most important lesson I learned from my father. Now I’m here to tell you about the time where life itself decided to teach me a hard lesson. A lesson in which I’m now grateful for getting at such an early age. Because it helped me... Continue Reading →

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