Mental Monday: Reflection II

The one thing I had to understand about reflection was to understand oneself. Even though I’m still somewhat struggling with this. I now see who and what was the problem with my life, and that problem was me. Even though I accepted that I was my own worst enemy five years ago, the more I... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Reflection Pt. I

Loneliness is, to me, a double edge sword. It can be comforting, or it can be dangerous. Some of us loath it, while others find peace within it. However, the one thing we come to learn while being alone is that we use it as a time to reflect on the events that have happened... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Healing Part 1

One of the hardest things about being mentally ill is fighting the battle on your own. No one to turn to because everyone that said that would be there has reached their limit. You want to cry, but you’re all cried out, scream, but nothing won’t come out. Now you’re just sitting down either staring... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Toxic

We all heard this word before and it’s not a good word to be associated with. But for so long many of us never knew how to identify one, let alone how to deal with it. We try our best to avoid such a thing, and by doing so. We develop paranoia or for the... Continue Reading →

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