Mental Monday: African Proverb

“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” Every family member has that one person that is the ‘oddball’ of the family. The ‘weird one’ or my personal favorite the ‘black sheep.’  We all have one in our families, whether you like it or not. Even... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Allison West

Hello all, and welcome back to Writing Wednesday which means that’s right. It’s time for another Author interview with international breakout star Allison West. I would give you guys some minor teasers here, but I think I’ll let her do all the talking on this one. 1) Please introduce yourself before we begin. Hi, I’m... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Stella Stella.

Welcome back to writing Wednesday and today I have here fellow author Stella Stella. Who is a retiree and a mother of one child. However, instead of me spoiling the interview, I am going to let you guys read it and form your own opinions about her. Enjoy! Please introduce yourself before we begin. Hello,... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Introduction

Well, we’re here now and it’s time I came out with it. No more hiding from it, no more telling people I’m having a great day. I’m not, I don’t even remember the last good day I had. Christmas sucked, New Year’s sucked, hell starting off 2020 just sucks. I have lost the opportunity of... Continue Reading →

Finding my Voice: Vilma

It’s been a while since I did one of these. With working on my novel and other projects. I’ve neglected this blog one too many times and thought I do another of my “FMV’s.” This time this one is about a very good, very special friend. One who did more for me then what anyone... Continue Reading →

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