Did You Know?

Grandma, when you first held me, your eldest grandchild. Did you know that I would be gifted with putting words to paper? Better than I could with my mouth?   When you held your second grandchild. Did you know with his charisma and ability to speak well, that he would influence the next generation, for... Continue Reading →

I’ve Lost Everything Pt II

I stand here before you all reborn. Settled with my past and sins towards others. I have forgiven those that have sinned against me, And I have forgiven myself.   The persona that I held close for about decade is gone and is never returning. My new heaven awaits, But my new earth is forming... Continue Reading →

My New Commandments

Thou shall be thy self. For people will still not understand thou, for what they do not understand, It doesn’t make it thy job to make them. For they fear because they choose. They hate it because they choose. And they destroy because…you get the point.   Thou shall always love. For when thou does,... Continue Reading →

Black Women!

My black Princesses who are destined to be Queens one day! I understand the pain and suffering you have endured since time immemorial. I understand the love and respect you yearn from us, Your black Kings.   You seek our love and respect, Our comfort and security. For our ambition and the ability to lead.... Continue Reading →

Black Men

When and how can the black men heal? Heal from the pain of their ancestors. The wound of sharp words from their mothers and sisters. From the wound of all the burden from being a provider just to come up short every single time.   When and how can black men lead? For they cannot... Continue Reading →


Waking up in the morning and your body feels heavy. Your soul is gone and you’re nothing but an empty shell. Motivation and ambition have vanished. You search far and wide and it’s nowhere to be found.   The body wakes up and follows the programming it was given. You’re just along for the ride,... Continue Reading →

Dear Black People!

When are we going to stop being so divided? Better yet, when are we going to stop attacking each other for the way we live? When are we going to stop killing our Sons? When are we going to stop objectifying our Daughters? Most importantly when are we going to start taking accountability for our... Continue Reading →


I know it’s been a while since we talked, but truth be told I’m tired of always giving you false promises. Never fulfilling them once I’m given a blessing, never really paying it forward. And now, I’m paying for it.   I know I have forsaken you at one point. But you were there for... Continue Reading →

I Am!

I Am a warrior! With a dull sword and a broken shield. Nothing more of a shadow of Maximus and Wallace. With nothing to fight for, but my own EGO.   I Am Judah!  Not a Romeo and less of a Casanova. But with words like a serpent and I’ll have her feeling like a... Continue Reading →

Your God

To hell with your god. For he has many faces and we do not know his true self. Or his true value, but we believe in him anyway.   We believe if we pray and worship this god, We will BUY ourselves happiness and comfort. Unknown to us that this god is evil and has... Continue Reading →

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