The Diner

Inspired by the song “Sober” by Childish Gambino.   Darius leaned against the faded as he drank from his cup while playing angry birds on his phone. He could hear one of the employees working in the back-washing dishes and a man playing an arcade game, but Darius remained focused on his game. The time... Continue Reading →

Bound by Blood

Wade and Nicholas stood outside of the gas station about thirty minutes before midnight, waiting on an old lady to finish up her conversation with the owner. Nicholas the older brother leaned against the wall, inhaling the cold thin air while his younger brother Wade slowly paced a small area, glancing inside the store every... Continue Reading →

The Locket #6

“How is it that you become a mall-mom?” I asked Zoe. “Screw you, pal,” she replied. I smiled as I sat close to the woman dressing room, but just an earshot away from her, so we can talk. Zoe always hated coming to this mall when she was younger. She always thought the mall was... Continue Reading →

The Locket #5

I sat in the waiting room as I heard the intercom go off for a fourth time paging for a doctor. I thought to myself either they’re not here, or they’re pretending not to be. Either way, it went I prayed that the I didn’t have to hear “Paging Dr. Harris” one more time. A... Continue Reading →

The Locket #3

I stared at the black and white suit for a bitter part of five minutes. Contemplating If I should go on this date or not. After spending six long months looking for Jennifer I decided it was best that I gave up. Even though after hearing the inspiring tale that was told to me by... Continue Reading →

Love Chronicle: Desmond’s Story

  Desmond sat inside the restaurant patiently waiting for his girlfriend Tiffany. He wanted to celebrate their four-year anniversary and thought it would be a good idea to come to the place where they had their first date. He was excited to be celebrating this special occasion. Because this was the only relationship that lasted... Continue Reading →

The Bamboo Tree

Trish stepped outside of her delightful suburban home and grabbed the green water hose. That was wrapped neatly on a rack located on the side of her house. She carefully unwraps the hose and dragged it along her driveway and stopped just at the edge of her yard. Which is decorated with colorful rocks and... Continue Reading →

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