Author Interview: Lakeah Shannelle

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! Today I have yet another interview (It should be routine by now), but this is a new author I met on Social Media known as LaKeah Shannelle. As always though please show a lot of love and support and let's get this underway.   Please introduce yourself before we begin.... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Starla Carr

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! Today I have for you yet another interview (Duh). This one is someone I got the pleasure of knowing through social media and I wanted everyone to get to know her as well. Her answers and advice are lovely, and I hope you enjoy them too. As always please show... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: J. E. Feldman

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! After an emotional post from Mental Monday. I felt that we all needed another interview from a writer and owner of a traditional publishing company. Now, this person has taken a leap of faith and gave me my shot at becoming a published author. If anything, she helped my 2019... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Jon Ray

Hello and welcome back to Writing Wednesday. Today I have Fantasy author Jon Ray all the way from Australia. I like to think that this series is starting off strong with a diverse crowd of authors and Jon is just adding to the fire. So, please as always show lots of love and support as... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: LaLa Leo

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday, and boy do I have a treat for you all. We have here today a newly published writer on the scene and she was excited to do this interview when I asked her. So, please show lots of love and support to LaLa Leo as I give the floor to... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Melinda Kuscera

Okay! As promised today is Wednesday which means that today is Writing Wednesday. Thinking about it I might need a new name for this one. I don’t know yet, let me know in the comments below. Any who, back on topic. I would like to introduce you all to Melinda Kucsera who was a fellow... Continue Reading →

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