Mental Monday: Being Loved

If this “quarantine” has taught me anything these past few weeks, it is that I yearn to be loved by someone. Not just family, or friends, but that special person we all have been looking for. That soul mate, that “best friend” we’ll eventually fall in love with. The one you want to come home... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Are You the Problem?

If you’re anything like me, then you might have a hard time keeping friends. God knows that I had people come in and out of my life like I was a Walmart. Come in get what you need to check out and come back when I become relevant again. Okay, maybe a bad analogy, but... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Update

So, I decided last week to take a break from all the madness and that included writing for a bit. Well, that break took longer than expected; and now I’m sitting here in the wee hours of the morning writing this update. So, that’s what I’m going to do a nice update for you all... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: A letter to You

To the important person reading this: Yes, I’m talking to you the person sitting down with their phone in hand or sitting down in front of a computer screen. You don’t know me, and I clearly don’t know you, but if you found yourself here on my blog. Then clearly something is wrong, and you... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Dating

Dating someone with Mental illness isn’t easy. This much is true, but it’s also false at the same time. Many people who I’ve met over the past ten years, who deals with mental health, had said the hardest thing about life is dating. Which there is a consensus that dating people is hard in general,... Continue Reading →

Mental Monday: Rejection

Hey, welcome back to Mental Monday where today will be talking about rejection. I know what you’re thinking. “Everybody who’s been rejected went through depression.” Yeah true, very true, but how about the people who are dealing with depression every day of their lives? See, people think that rejection is a simple thing to get... Continue Reading →

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