Author Interview: Cynthia Marshall

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday and today I have another interview for you all with Cynthia Marshall. I know these intros use to be longer, but I decided that I will let the interview do the talking. So, please relax and enjoy it. Please introduce yourself before we begin. My name is Cynthia Marshall. I... Continue Reading →

Unapologetically Misunderstood: Tired of Step 1

Do you remember the time when I was in my early twenties and I spoke out against racism? Or that time when I was in high school and I refused to stand up for the flag because I believed that George W. Bush was a racist. Or that time…You wouldn’t know anything about that, would... Continue Reading →

Update: Being Black

It has been a week since the protesting started over George Floyd, and for the past few weeks, I have been asked about my thoughts on the whole matter. And to be quite honest with you all, I didn’t know what to say without getting “canceled” which is still going on. However, after careful considerations,... Continue Reading →

Death’s Ear

I’m ignored sometimes. I’m ignored most of the time. The world around me burns and no one has yet to listen to a word I said. I screamed and threw my arms up like a wild man. But still, I have gone completely unanswered. People will say that I can always talk to them, that... Continue Reading →

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