Newsletter #2 Announcements and Updates

Newsletter: Announcement & Updates I hope all is well with everyone as we try our best to stay cool in the heat, and I know people have been looking forward to seeing some new things for me. However, things have changed since last month and I want to talk to you about them here. So,... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Miko Marsh

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday and as always, I have another interview for you guys today. I am happy to introduce you to Miko Marsh from Virginia. Who is not only an author but a speaker too; but I don’t want to spoil the interview any further than I have already done. Sit back and... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Hezekiah Morris

Welcome back to writing Wednesday!!! And that’s right I have yet another author interview for you all today. This time with Hezekiah Morris from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s a self-help and erotica writer and I would appreciate it if you will all join me in learning a little bit more about him. Please introduce yourself before... Continue Reading →

Chima Ugokwe

Hello, and welcome back to writing Wednesday. Where I have another interview from Chima Ugokwe, who comes from Nigeria. I know these are tough times right now, but I feel we can all use the distraction right now. So, please join me in learning about this Author life and works to come. Link to his... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: J. E. Feldman

Welcome back to Writing Wednesday! After an emotional post from Mental Monday. I felt that we all needed another interview from a writer and owner of a traditional publishing company. Now, this person has taken a leap of faith and gave me my shot at becoming a published author. If anything, she helped my 2019... Continue Reading →

I’ve Lost Everything

I’ve lost my way, my truth. My mind is not what I thought, and my personality is nothing but a fantasy. The world I once knew is vanishing right in front of me.   I’ve lost the people that gave me strength. Along with the love they have embedded inside of me. The phrase “Praise... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Don’t tell me I’m the nicest person you ever met. When you don’t know anything about me. Don’t look at me in the eyes and say, “I see the good in you”. When in reality none of us is pure.

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry For thinking outside of the box. I’m sorry I don’t appeal to your views.   I’m sorry For talking about random things. I’m sorry I’m not mature enough for you. I’m sorry We can’t come to an agreement. I’m sorry We can’t be friends.  I’m sorry For being myself.

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