A Forbidden Union Part I

Zander Frost, prince of Teodora, walked down from the docks his left hand resting on his grandfather’s sword, wearing a naval-blue uniform with white stripes going down the side, as he examined the docks of the Kardok Empire. The strongest empire on the eastern side of Dunia. Zander was far away from home, and he... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Bryan Gifford

Hello everyone and welcome back to Writing Wednesday. Today I have author Bryan Gifford who hails from the state of Texas and is known for his fantasy series ‘The Atonement Trilogy.’ So, please give a warm welcome to Bryan and join me as we get to know a little more about him.   Please introduce... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Hezekiah Morris

Welcome back to writing Wednesday!!! And that’s right I have yet another author interview for you all today. This time with Hezekiah Morris from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s a self-help and erotica writer and I would appreciate it if you will all join me in learning a little bit more about him. Please introduce yourself before... Continue Reading →

Chima Ugokwe

Hello, and welcome back to writing Wednesday. Where I have another interview from Chima Ugokwe, who comes from Nigeria. I know these are tough times right now, but I feel we can all use the distraction right now. So, please join me in learning about this Author life and works to come. Link to his... Continue Reading →

The Cat and Her Owner.

The cat yanked on the shoe lace of her broken down owner. As a red river streamed down towards his shoes passing the cat. She continued to yank on his shoe lace to gain his attention, but her efforts aren’t enough to get his attention. A wicked laugh is heard from down the dark alley... Continue Reading →

The Heart Thief

Sitting at the bar, With your black dress. Drinking red wine, To set the mood. I approach you, Not knowing what you are capable of.   You smile and say “Hello” I tell you my name But you brush it off. Knowing I would be your next victim.   I’m blinded by your Appealing nature.... Continue Reading →

The 90 Day Rule

  Hey you ok? What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong? Whoa, Whoa, just hang on a second. I’m here for you, do you hear me. I’m here for you, well get through this together. I swear it. Day 1 Hey wake up I let you sleep in for too long, time to get up. What... Continue Reading →

Rainy Day for Max

Max was not having a good day. He was sad because it was raining outside. Max hates it when it rains, because he couldn’t go out to play. Max sits in the living room watching T.V. but it doesn’t keep him interested enough. That is till something weird begins to happen around the house. Water... Continue Reading →

The Adventure of Max

This is one of my short stories, I decieded to do. Hopefully all who read this enjoys it; and don't for get to like and subscribe to my blog for more Adventure of Max.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

One last thing, I do not own any rights to the toys and/or brands mention in the story.

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