Author Interview: Frances Dupree

Okay, welcome back to Writing Wednesday and you guessed it I have another interview for you today. So, let’s jump into it and get to know a little about Frances Dupree.

1) Please introduce yourself before we begin. ​My name is Frances Dupree, I am a wife a mother of eight sons and one daughter and now I am proud to say that I am an Author, the author of Marrying Outside Of God’s Will.

2) Every writer has an origin story to tell, what’s yours? ​I was on the line with a prophet and he said that God said I needed to start writing my book, that souls are waiting for me to finish the book. Not to worry about what people are going to think and to finish the book so he could publish it.

3) What was the first story, poem, or novel you ever worked on? ​My book ‘Marrying Outside Of God’s Will.’

Frances Dupree

4) What’s the hardest thing about writing? ​Being transparent in my writing.

5) What Genres do you write in and do you have a favorite?​ Memoir is what I write in and is also my favorite

6) Why do you write? ​I write because I want my readers to take away that they aren’t the only one that has dealt with what I like to call hidden battles such a battling with suicide, domestic violence, depression, and trying to find themselves. That no matter what God can still use you, that he will never leave you or forsake you, and there is life after.

7) Favorite author and/or book series? ​My favorite author is Danielle Williams-McCord she wrote the book From Porn to the Pulpit.

8) Okay, the tough question here. It’s no secret that Mental health is important for writers. Seeing that I want to be more of an advocate for it, is there any advice you like to give to people to keep fighting, whether you’re dealing with it personally or know someone that is?​ Yes, I formally battled with depression, suicide, I was a cutter, I would say that they aren’t the only ones that are dealing with a battle and no matter what God is with them. Don’t be ashamed because they never know how their story can help someone else.

9) Before we leave is there anything you’re working on now or anything you have released? ​I just published my first book Marrying Outside Of God’s Will in April.


10)Finally, anything you want to say to new writers/artists? ​Your story is worth telling.


There you have it, folks. As I talk a lot about mental health on my blog. It’s becoming clear to many, including myself that it’s a battle worth fighting for. Everyone I have interviewed so far comes from all walks of life and have dealt with one form or another. However, that’s all I have for you guys today and remember to keep writing, reading, or whatever it is your creating. Just please have fun doing it.


“Your life is already artful, waiting, just waiting, for you to make it art.”

-Toni Morrison


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