Mental Monday Suicide Awareness Month Special: War

Why is it that we have a war on drugs, terrorism, racism, but not on mental health? We are quick to demonize it to the point we mark it up as another fairy tale. Some will point out that there are many talking about today, even as I’m writing this. This is true nonetheless, but many of them are just doing it for the attention. While the genuine one, are doing it to prevent a family from suffering from a tragedy that they once dealt with or someone close to them.

This year has not been kind to anyone, no matter your race or creed. If you’re living on this planet, chances are you had a crappy year. Some more than others, like yours truly, but some are barely hanging on. As many of you may know this month is suicidal awareness month, and if you’d been following my post for the past nine months. You know how I feel about suicides. For those that don’t know let me give you a brief rundown.

A long time ago I thought that people who committed Suicide were selfish until my depression came. Years will go by until it went from just being chronic to severe.  The thought of ending my own life has lingered from time to time, but so afraid of doing it I found ways to keep my mind off death. But one day I stopped and realized that the people who committed aren’t so selfish after all. The pain of feeling stressed and isolated is so much to bear on your own that sooner or later that you want the pain to end. These people could’ve tried everything in the world. Ranging from working out, finding an activity, or changing their look. Sometimes it just wasn’t good enough.

If I’m being honest, we’re selfish when comes to others who need a little more time, and a little more attention. We avoid this by telling them that we’re too busy, or that the world doesn’t revolve around them. When in reality no one is asking for the world to stop or asking their ‘friends’ to stop their busy day just to make it all about them.

What I’m trying to say is that raising awareness for suicide and mental health just isn’t good enough anymore. We must step up; we must treat this the same way we have treated drugs and terrorism, but better. This has become a bigger threat to millennials and generation z. This is no longer an issue that comes and goes, this is a true enemy that has come to bring the war to humanity. And if we’re not careful it could have the potential to wipe us all out.

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