Mom Don’t Worry

Mom Don’t worry.

You tell us we need a social life and not be in the house all day.

You complain about how we play those video games and watch T.V all day.

You complain to your friends about how you think your child has no friends.

You worry about the simple things in life and are sometimes too blind to see our future.

But, mom, please don’t worry.

Because I do have friends but we don’t go party like everyone else does with the aggressive drinking, drugs and sex with strangers.

Because I don’t sit in the house all day as I get up to go to the library to pick up a book and read it to build up my vocabulary and educate myself.

But when you turn on that T.V and heard of a young child, my age getting gunned down on the streets at a party.

Mom, you didn’t have to worry if it was your child that was harmed.

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