Page reconstructed/Update for the rest of this year.

Okay, my fellow subscribers and writers. After dealing with a family tragedy I felt one the steps to healing is getting back to work. Which means getting back to writing to my small but still growing audience. I have a lot of things planned for next year and I plan on sharing them with you guys around the middle of November. But first thing first, I think it’s time we close a storyline that has been going on a lot longer than any of us expected. That’s right the Love Chronicles is coming to an end by the end. My goal is to have them all release by the end of December. That way I can start working on my next series. Yes, as in more than one. How will I accomplish that? Well first I’m going to get back to writing the other stories and once I’m halfway through them. I’ll start posting them again. I hope to have the next story out by the end of next week and one to follow the week after etc.

Also, I took the time to re-create my blog page. I felt the other one was to dull and not catching anyone’s attention. So, I went with a new one hoping that it brings more people in. So, please go and take a look around and I’ll see you guys next week.

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