Author Interview: Kerry B


Hey everyone! Today is Writing Wednesday and yes I have another one for you. This one is a college professor and poetry writers. For all my poets out there, I hope you enjoy this one. See you guys soon.

  • Please introduce yourself before we begin.

My name is Kerry Brackett, also known as Poet Kerry B. I am proudly from Birmingham, AL. I have been writing and performing poetry for over 15 years. I am also an English/Creative Writing professor as well.

  • Every writer has an origin story to tell, what’s yours?

I started writing poetry in high school while passing the time. I would write each day after school, just so express whatever I was feeling at the time. In college, my roommate dared me to perform at this talent show on campus. I was nervous, but I shared one of my poems. The audience loved it. I have been writing and performing poetry since then.

  • What was the first story, poem or novel you ever worked on?

The first poem I remember working on was titled “Black Tears.” It was for an assignment in my African American Dramatic Literature class at Berea College.

  • What’s the hardest thing about writing?

One thing that I have noticed is that we are our worst critics. So once we are “finished” writing our pieces, we edit, revise, do whatever until it is perfect. However, there’s no telling when that would be.

  • What Genres do you write in and do you have a favorite?

Of course, I write poetry, but I have been working on short stories as well. I love reading and writing poetry though. It’s always interesting to learn from other writers about their thoughts, feelings, etc.

  • Why do you write?

I write because it is my responsibility to share this gift God has given me. When I decided to pursue this passion, so many doors have opened for me. I see this as a form of testimony for those who struggled with expressing their thoughts and feelings. It is my duty to put pen to paper and bring those said thoughts and feelings to fruition.

  • Favorite author and/or book series?

My all-time favorite author is Walter Mosley. I became hooked after reading his Fearless Jones series. He is widely known as a mystery writer, but he has done great work in the science fiction genre as well.

  • Okay, the tough question here. It’s no secret that Mental health is important for writers. Seeing that I want to be more of an advocate for it, is there any advice you like to give to people to keep fighting, whether you’re dealing with it personally or know someone that is?

Please know that you’re not in this fight by yourself. There are countless others in the world that have been in your shoes and won at the end. Each new day is a victory in itself and you are important to us. If you have not already, please get help whenever you can. Do this for yourself.

  • Before we leave is there anything you’re working on now or anything you have released?

I have just released my third poetry chapbook, Surviving Myself. This short poetry collection was written as a thesis project for my masters degree. I am blessed to have this published under Guerrilla Ignition Publishing. It is available, along with my other chapbooks on my website,

  • Finally, anything you want to say to new writers/artists?

Welcome to the journey of writing. You have accepted a role in which your testimony is now for all to read. Writing each day is another victory. No matter how ugly you think it is, each new piece that you have written is beautiful. I can’t wait to read your new book.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. I’ll be honest these interviews have really showed me how much creative the writing world really is. Meeting people from all walks of life and learning about their humbling beginnings. It’s a blessing I chose this path in my life and I’ll continue to do so. But if Professor Brackett caught your attention and you want to know more about him. You can go to his websites, or hisFacebook page. Before you just remember to read, write, or create whatever it is your creating and have fun doing it.


“A Man’s bookcase will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about him.”

-Walter Mosley



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