The African-American Solution.

I was going through Facebook just the other day, and I saw that one my friends shared a post of one of her friends; telling people how being a mix person has been tough for her growing up. The people that she identified with always persecuted her for being only half black. Long story short she put on there “If black lives matter, then black lives must do better.” Honestly I agree with her, if we want our lives to matter, then we must do better to show them that we matter.

Being a black person growing up, the one thing I hated the most was how non-blacks looked at me. Some with fear, and some with hatred. Guess which one I got the most? You may say both, but actually we are judged due to fear of what “we” might do to someone. Countless times I have to tell people that I’m not the person you think I am. I am not a thug, a murderer, or a rapist, and the list goes on and on.

Some of them get comfortable, and say “You just proved to me that there is some good ‘black’ people in the world.” No not some, there is a lot of good black people in the world. That’s how they see us, that’s how the world views black people today. They think that only some of us are good. Only some of us! How crazy is that right? Actually it’s not crazy at all, that’s a huge thanks to the media for how we are represented.

Now when I say media, I don’t mean just the news, but also us. Yes us, the ones that like to take out our phones and record all the negative things we as black people do, and throw that shit on  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just for a few likes. I hate coming to my Facebook and see the same bullshit everyday. I’m tired of seeing us fighting at parties, I’m tired of seeing black women fighting over a stupid ass man, as well as seeing them twerking just to get a few likes on their Facebook post. ‘WE’ are as much to blame as the news outlet are for our negative appearance. Yes it is true they like to film the negative things about us. Like the riots and the gang shootings. But ‘We’ know we are much better than that, and we can do much better.

Here are a list of four issues/things that I strongly feel needs to be addressed to help us do better.

  1. Stop putting videos of us fighting and start posting some positive outlets of black people, and I’m talking to the people who aren’t camera shy. If you’re out and about and see a  black event giving out positive vibes. Take your phone out, and record  that, and  put it on social media. We as a community needs to stop putting videos of us fighting each other, because all it is, is just pure entertainment for those that want to see us fail.
  2. Stop thinking that nobody wants to see a black person achieve in life. That kind of attitude isn’t going to get us nowhere, and all it will do is prove them right. Instead conquer every obstacle that you can. No matter how much they throw at you. You keep climbing, and you keep climbing until you reach your goal (real quick I think that is the only time Jaden smith actually made sense to me). But if you see that your hard work isn’t being taken into consideration. Then grab your stuff and find someone who will, because people don’t know they have a good thing until it’s gone..
  3. Start supporting each other’s ideas and success, accept them for who they are. If they want to go to school support them. They want to start a business SUPPORT THEM. Hell if they want to start getting into books SUPPORT THEM. There should be no reason whatsoever, that we are putting each other down to stop us from achieving success (See #2).
  4. Stop saying that black people can’t be racist. Let’s be honest, we aren’t that damn special. So if you’re black and you hate somebody because of the color of their skin, well yeah you’re racist too my friend. So to all the people who are saying that…. please stop saying that.

Now mind you these are just some of the few things that we need to do in order to show people that we deserve to be treated just like them, because we eat, breathe, even bleed like them; but destroying our communities and bringing down our fellow blacks, is not the way to go about it.

To leave off, yes black lives matter, and yes black lives are in danger at this moment, but we must do better. That means that we stop destroying our neighborhoods, and businesses to prove to the government that “we had enough.” Because if we take that route, all we’re doing is playing into their hands and making them right with every second, every minute, and every hour, as well as every day. That we are nothing but savages and we all know that is not true. So let’s show them that we are people by fixing ourselves first, because I matter, so do you.

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