Crimes against Humanities.

We hereby find you guilty of the following crimes.

The crime of being yourself!

Your unique personality and your brutal honesty have destroyed the person’s unjust behavior and



You have been found guilty of finding love.

With every requirement of a good partner met, you are seen as weak in the eyes of your fellow


You have tried to push on, but your punishment shall be to watch in shame,

As the woman you tried to pursue is carried away by another deemed worthy.


For the charge of acting like an educated Negro!

You’ve have been found guilty, for you have forgotten that you must talk a certain way.

And not that of your neighbors.

The color of your skin dictates you to talk “ghetto” and “loud.”

Illiterate instead of literate,

Ignorant instead of knowledgeable.

Your sentence is living life with no direction on where to go.

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